Shipping of fresh food productsShipping of fresh food productsShipping of fresh food products

Our fresh products have to be kept refrigerated between 0°C and 4°C.


In order to keep the cold chain integrity, our packages are composed of an inner isothermal pouch (metallized extruded foam) and cold packs (containing non-toxic eutectic gel refrigerated at a temperature of -18°C for 20 hours minimum).


Those packages make sure that the temperature of the products is under 4°C during 48h, whatever the outside temperature.

The shipment of our parcels is performed by DHL within 24h (France and Germany only): delivery takes place on thursday.

Our parcels are tested throughout the year with temperature sensors placed under the products : we can thus adapt the number of cold packs according to the season.


The isothermal pouch and the cold packs can be reused up to 5 times.


Do not throw them away: use them for your picnics for example!