Spirits from Alsace

Brandies of online Alsace offered by the online boutique of Alsatian specialities My Elsass, here is perhaps one of my nicest memories of childhood, when my grandfather (my Papapa) took me in his orchards to pick up quetsches and mirabelles (I ate the half in passage, naturally!). I did not have the right to drink alcohol at that time but the smells of fruits in soaking, of still and calvados will remain engraved in me forever. If I had to allocate a scent in Alsace, it would be that one: a subtle fruity fragrance, so refined as a big perfume. Brandies an Alsatian speciality is, here it is called schnapps and it savours at the end of meal. Find schnapps of Alsace and brandies of Alsace on My Elsass!

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